I cut through the bull and give parents the answers, strategies and tactics they need to confidently raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted kids... naturally!

We all know the the proverb, “The apple doesn’t fall from from the tree.” Children often behave in similar ways to their parents. They speak like them, they have similar characteristics and tendencies and often care about the same things. Children love to play the game, Follow the Leader. They are following what their parents do and say every single day. Dr. Stenzler encourages parents to be mindful and be the leader they would like their children to follow.

Known as America’s Family Wellness Expert, Dr. Brian Stenzler, M.Sc., DC has been helping families for the past two decades achieve the health and wellness goals that many previously could only dream of. As a pediatric and family wellness doctor, he has had thousands of families come through his wellness centers. The one thing that virtually every family in crisis wishes they knew before they saw him is how they could have prevented the problems that he was being asked to fix. Dr. Stenzler has dedicated his professional life towards helping families practice true proactive health-care, which in turn, provides for the best opportunities to avoid becoming customers on the sick-care industry.

Dr. Stenzler, Vice President of Operations, KnoWEwell, PBC and co-founder of DREAM Wellness is the author of the best-selling book D.R.E.A.M. Wellness: The 5 Keys to Raising Kids for a Lifetime of Physical and Mental Health.

He is also the creator of the #1 lifestyle assessment tool, the DREAM Score which acts as a indicator of one’s current health status and if raising children, serves as a predictor of their children’s current and future health. You will learn where you are in your wellness journey and see if your “battery” is charging or depleting. Use the report to make instant changes that will positively impact your health and your family’s legacy. If you have a copy of the book, the DREAM Score report can help you get through what you need to know within the 450 pages in fewer than two hours. In alignment with Dr. Stenzler’s mission and purpose in life, he has decided to make the DREAM Score 100% free; the only thing it will cost you is 20 minutes of your time!

Dr. Stenzler started the acclaimed Wellness Wikis® multi-media blogsite which provides tons of content for all people who want to live their best life, now! While “Dr. Google” has plenty of information on all topics, Wellness Wikis is full of research and interviews from experts in the field of health and wellness.

Dr. Stenzler has been interviewed as a wellness expert on numerous media sites including television, magazines, newspapers, radio and podcasts; and has met with dozens of state and national legislators over the years on healthcare policy.

In addition to all the above, Dr. Stenzler continues to create content for parents who want to raise the healthiest, happiest children possible. He is currently creating online courses, masterclasses, summits and so much more. Be sure to join our community to stay up on the latest offerings so you and your family can live your D.R.E.A.M., every day!

Brian A. Stenzler, M.Sc., D.C.

Dr. Brian Stenzler, Vice President of Operations at KnoWEwell, PBC, co-founder of D.R.E.A.M. Wellness and bestselling author of D.R.E.A.M. Wellness: The 5 Keys to Raising Kids for a Lifetime of Physical and Mental Health, received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1998 from Life University. In 1999, he earned a master’s degree in Sports Health Science, also from Life University. Additionally, he is a Certified ULT Facilitator & Corporate Consultant and provides wellness and lifestyle coaching and consulting for individuals, families and businesses around the globe.

(KnoWEwell is an online wellness Hub that connects holistically oriented  health and wellness experts/providers as well as those in safe & sustainable agriculture, with the general public who want to learn, heal and stay well. They do this through online courses, search and match to find providers, live & recorded webcasts, over 200 online community forums and so much more.)

Dr. Stenzler has owned and operated numerous wellness centers in New York and California where he has helped thousands of families achieve their health and wellness goals. He also has a passion for working with athletes and has spent many years providing chiropractic services at the U.S. Open Golf Championship Wellness Team by adjusting the players, caddies and other members of the organization.

Early in his career, Dr. Stenzler was an adjunct neurology instructor at the New York College of Health Professions and continues to use his vast knowledge of the nervous system in everything he does.

Dr. Stenzler has served on numerous boards and served as President of the California Chiropractic Association from 2014–2016, he is currently the 1st VP of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, and has received dozens of awards and accolades over the years for his leadership and service to the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Stenzler travels the world as a guest speaker at conferences and colleges, and lectures at numerous businesses, schools and civic organizations as a health and wellness expert. He has also been featured on television and radio shows around the world.

More than anything else, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife Brooke, and their son, Zion in the home in Bradenton, FL.